The Omnideck 6 enables you to perform natural instinctive movement, in any direction, within the virtual world – walking, running, jumping, and even crawling, are all possible. New dimensions of immersion for simulation training are now opened up; physical and psychological factors can be induced to affect the users behaviour. An accurate optical tracking system tracks your every move. These movements are then translated seamlessly into the default input commands of any game or simulation software you are currently engaged in.
The Omnideck ‘levelled up’ to international fame in 2011 when it played a crucial role in The Gadget Show’s ‘Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator’ to confirm it as the first 360⁰ treadmill ever seen in the gaming industry. Two years later, the Omnideck is back! The increasing popularity of Virtual Reality headsets has opened up new visual possibilities in the gaming and simulation fields, yet users are still chained to their old-fashioned input devices. The revolution of using the Omnideck 6 will lead to the ultimate demise of keyboard warriors.


Omnifinity Unity API: BETA

We have been working hard to integrate the Omnideck 6 with the Unity 3D development environment and the HTC Vive. We are very happy to announce the public Beta-release of our Omnifinity Unity API.

Prime Minister Visits

On Wednesday 4th February, Prime Minister of Sweden – Stefan Löfven – flew down to Växjö to meet Omnifinity at our business development office, for a follow-up meeting.

First Omnideck 6 deployed

Omnifinity have now taken its first stride in the professional services industry by supplying an Omnideck 6 to Transport Catapult Systems in the United Kingdom.