Omnifinity Unity API: BETA

Update 2016-06-16

You will now find the API on GitHub here. The major change is that we have temporarily deprecated the Oculus Rift integration in favour of HTC Vive integration. This makes the setup much easier for you as a developer. By using it you'll learn how to control a standard Character Controller on the Omnideck. Final integration should be done in dialogue with us.

Original post

Recently we have been working hard to integrate the Omnideck 6 with the Unity 3D development environment and the HTC Vive.  Omnifinity are very happy to announce the first public Beta-release of our Omnifinity Unity API!

Using the API you will be able to port your VR game or simulation to run on the Omnideck 6 together with the Oculus Rift. We have created a set of packages for Unity 4 and Unity 5 that will help you understand how the API works in practice. While we know that you personally do not have an Omnideck sitting in your house and thus cannot try it out at this stage we would be more than happy to try it out for you!

The API has a very permissive license, is open for modification and we encourage you to hack around with it as much as you can. Be aware though that the API is in a Beta-stage and will go through a lot of changes over the coming year!

So, whatever experience you're working, all we are asking is that you sign up to the developers-list using the form below and you will immediately receive a link to download the API! And while you're at it please tell us and the rest of the world all about it and what you are planning to do with it!