ITEC 2015 Debrief

Omnifinity are back from an excellent showing at ITEC 2015 - hosted this year in Prague - and are delighted with the positive responses and feedback whilst on the show floor and since returning to Sweden. Our booth drew large crowds throughout the event that were impressed by the scenario, Omnifinity, and our Omnideck 6 motorised treadmill. We would like to extend our appreciation to all organisers, exhibitors and - more importantly - all visitors to our booth throughout ITEC 2015. 

Our collaboration with Close Air Solutions demonstrated a full working example of our vision of future JTAC training. Our two specialist teams setup a virtual contested environment simulation consisting of an F-35 flight simulator, Joint Forward Observer, JTAC and a dismounted soldier - with Omnifinity providing the Omnideck 6 for the infantry section of the scenario. Each counterpart was immersed in their own respective virtual world, communicating with each other whilst undertaking the same scenario.

The video below offers a brief overview of our teams' accomplishment.

Our Sales Director, Richard Guilfoyle, had this to say regarding the successful time in Prague.

I'm proud of the teams' achievement of creating this high-fidelity scenario in a matter of hours, and overwhelmed by the positive responses received at ITEC 2015. To have the ability to walk through these missions on a tactical level enhances the training experience the military are using today, and also shows a vision of future military training.

Whilst Business Director of Close Air Solutions added,

Our teams demonstration at ITEC 2015 proved that scenario based, full spectrum, collective training is available now. Put in the context of a North African Operation with multiple electronic warfare threats, the warfighter can be exposed to a new paradigm of Joint Fires training.

Omnifinity would like to thank the following partners, who assisted in everything that was seen at ITEC 2015.