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The Omnideck 6 is the missing link between training and reality, by providing a 360-degree platform for armed forces to experience the most realistic training experience available in the industry today.

Modern training using simulation software is an extremely useful tool today. Armed forces use a desktop which although provides excellent strategic planning and some form of mission rehearsal, it lacks reinforcement of training protocols and proper procedure. When you add the Omnideck 6 to your simulation software, you enable the training sessions to be as to close to reality. The ability to use standard weapons, uniforms, and equipment in a virtual training environment opens up new possibilities in virtual training.  The Omnideck 6 is the upgrade to your mission rehearsal.

The Omnideck 6

You can use any regular treadmill to reproduce movement in virtual worlds, but the limitation is you can only move in a forward or backward motion. We built the Omnideck 6 as an omnidirectional treadmill to remove this limitation and provide complete 360-degree movement. The Omnideck 6 is driven by a responsive motor that allows you to perform actions such as walking, jogging and running to speeds up to 2.2m/s. Furthermore, the capacity to crawl, lay down and prone naturally is all made possible because of the large four metre diameter active surface.

Omnideck 6
Omnideck 6 Tracking


The process of tracking the user on the Omnideck 6 is complex but uses a very simplified algorithm using rotational, direction, and height positioning. We have adopted the same motion capture and special effect techniques used in the film and gaming industry: using only two sensors for data retrieval – one on the head, and one on the weapon, with no wires necessary. Our software, OmniTrack, takes the input tracking data and converts this to regulate the speed and acceleration of the motor. OmniTrack also uses the input tracking data and translates your movements into the simulation software’s default input commands.


The visualisation system to appropriately compliment the full Omnideck 6 solution can either be achieved with either a projection dome or a Head Mounted Display. When you combine popular HMD’s (such as the Oculus™ Rift) with the Omnideck 6, current visual setups become more cost effective, as you can see from our recent trade show setups.  

Dome Projection

The Omnideck 6 can be configured with a 360⁰ cylindrical projection dome of at least 6m in diameter, which gives soldiers a genuine field of vision that would be encountered in real life. At least six HD projectors are needed to supply the visualisation system. If you’re already using a projection dome system, the Omnideck 6 can be considered as an upgrade to your current configuration.


Adding atmospheric factors into the Omnideck 6 solution truly intensifies the training experience. Simulating the midday sun, twilight chills, inner-city humidity or intense fog are now at your disposal, instead of a static dome environment.

Health Tracking

The after-action review of any mission rehearsal is of the utmost importance, to verify the success of the training. By adding simple health tracking sensors, we can measure the physical impact of training sessions on the soldier. We can level up the after-action review to assist in selection.


The Omnideck 6 is extremely versatile and can be integrated into any software that utilizes a keyboard, mouse or controller. The Omnideck 6 unlocks the true potential of simulation software such as VBS and MetaVR by forcing the soldier to move instead of sitting at a desk.