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Omnifinity is a global hardware company active in the dynamic business of Virtual Reality. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology, and we always aim to be pushing boundaries and challenging industry standards.

VR & Full Immersion

The birth of true VR immersion has changed the way we play games, train and visualize. To be physically immersed the user in the digital world used to be something we only saw in sci fi movies.

At Omnifinity we take the immersion factor to the next level by allowing the user to walk and move freely in any virtual world. The Omnideck is a 360 degree treadmill using sophisticated algorithms to move the user in any direction on a motor driven surface. No training required just take a step in the digital world creating a new experience in a safe environment.

The Omnideck

Crafted and engineered in Sweden, The Omnideck is a product from years of innovation. As far as hardware goes The Omnideck is a 4.2m diameter motorized treadmill using 16 wedge shaped modules to create a 360 degree walking area. Combined with the HTC vive (or any other) VR system we use the immersive visualization of the headset and the positional tracking data to control the speed of the rollers driven surface under your feet. However the most important part of The Omnideck is not how it works, but the experience the user has in freedom of movement. This is what creates the ultimate VR experience.

The first real 360° treadmill ever seen in the gaming industry

Combining The Omnideck with the latest VR hardware allows the user to experience the virtual world like never before. Over the years sci-fi movies have shown us technology of the distant future which we bring to you today. Experience how it felt 1 000 years ago, or what the future may be. Get lost in a 3 dimensional 360 degree environment allowing you to explore for hours without reaching the edge.

As a VR center we’re nothing but excited about our partnership with Omnifinity. We set out on a mission to offer the best and most cutting edge technologies for both business and experience purposes, and together we provide access to the future.

– Viktor Peterson, CEO Mission IX.

The Omnideck enables you to perform natural instinctive movement, in any direction, within the virtual world – walking, running, jumping, and even crawling, are all possible. New dimensions of immersion for simulation training are now opened up; physical and psychological factors can be induced to affect the users behaviour. An accurate optical tracking system tracks your every move. These movements are then translated seamlessly into the default input commands of any game or simulation software you are currently engaged in. The played a crucial role in The Gadget Show’s Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator to confirm it as the first 360° treadmill ever seen in the gaming industry.

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The Omnideck is the missing link between simulation and reality

With the Omnideck system you can create scenarios that reflect real life situations for training individuals, to help prepare them for every possible outcome. Throwing away the traditional hardware and saying hello to a revolutionary simulator that will let the user move and experience any situation.

The Omnideck enables you to take virtual simulation from a strategic to tactical level and to fully immerse yourself in a hostile environment, long before you are in a live situation. It allows the dismounted soldier to have real physical training in a simulated mission rehearsal, which leads to a significant reduction in negative training.

– NN, Anonymous Special Forces soldier.

The Omnideck is the missing link between training and reality, by providing a 360-degree platform for armed forces to experience the most realistic training experience available in the industry today. Modern training using simulation software is an extremely useful tool today. Armed forces use a desktop which although provides excellent strategic planning and some form of mission rehearsal, it lacks reinforcement of training protocols and proper procedure. When you add the Omnideck to your simulation software, you enable the training sessions to be as to close to reality. The ability to use standard weapons, uniforms, and equipment in a virtual training environment opens up new possibilities in virtual training. The Omnideck 6 is the upgrade to your mission rehearsal.

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Enhanced full immersion analysis and exploration into any field or industry

The Omnideck offers endless possibilities within a limited amount of space. Immersing the user in an environment they created with limited resources required.

City planners and architects can, with the Omnideck, now really experience their creations. This gives them the tools to sharpen environments and designs, as they can get a feel of how their projects will look in reality. It’s all made possible with the Sightline VR software, together with a VR headset and the Omnideck omnidirectional platform.

– Pontus Jakobsson, CEO Sightline

The Omnideck is a 360-degree platform that can be used to enhance analysis and exploration into any field or industry, allowing full immersion before implementing practical changes. Professional industries, such as town planning and architectural firms are already using CAD diagram and visual rendering tools. While these are effective tools, they lack that extra level of realism when transferred into real world applications. However, when you add the Omnideck as an accompanying device, it allows you untethered freedom to navigate through a visual simulation using natural body movements – enhancing the design process.

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The Team

Based in Stockholm and Älmhult Sweden, MSE Omnifinity AB is a company with the aim of developing the future of natural movement in the virtual world. We were established by MSE Engineering AB who are renowned for designing and producing high fidelity military hardware simulators to Swedish and global defence organisations, along with leading industrial companies since 1952.

The Omnideck started as a side project for MSE Engineering back in 2011 as a solution for navigation in the virtual world. Micael Schmitz, with his impressive 25 years of building hardware military simulation, wanted a device to walk through virtual worlds as naturally as possible. Micael’s goal was to create a simulator for infantry, just like the hugely successful flight simulators are for pilots. During the Omnideck’s development, we have seen huge potential in gaming, health and medical research fields – our plan for those markets will be revealed in 2017.

Richard Guilfoyle

Richard Guilfoyle

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Peter Thor


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